"Our passion is linked to a thread — that transforms into countless shapes created by our imagination"

Who we Are

We are a very passionate group of fashion designers who provide fashion consultancy services for the planning of fashion collections. Thanks to our experience gained over the years, we have built a solid competence that allows us to create total look collections, particularly in knitwear which is our strength.

Special Attitudes

Knitwear has been our true passion from the beginning. Our technical skills allows us to support the business in the realisation of iconic, unprecedented garments with sophisticated stitching, jacquard, inlays, mixed techniques and yarn fineness, as well as a mix of yarns, prints and embroideries.

Il "pensiero creativo"
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Il tavolo
"generatore di idee"

Philo's History

The firm was founded by Simona Spaggiari in 1999 in the heart of the Reggio Emilian textile district thanks to her ten year experience as designer and coordinator of major collections.
Her background has been a key factor for the business, working with the brands Romeo Gigli, Lawrence Steel, Poi by Krizia, New York Industries, Calvin Klein, as well as Miss Deanna of San Martino in Rio (RE).

In the following years, she worked as freelancer furthering her experience with major collaborations with renowned "made in Italy" brands.

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  • Inspiration
  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Design
  • Prototype

Philo’s Approach

Our firm works alongside the customer through the brand identity development phase until the brand identification is completed.

We then prepare the project proposing the mood and colour, following the material search and graphical realisation of collections using art tables, as well as technical drawings and measurement sheets.

We oversee the different realisation phases of garments including testing of yarns and fabrics, checks of prototypes, clothing, accessory selection and colour cards.

We rely on the support of stylists and photographers to create look books and give consistency to the product even during the marketing phase.

Our Contacts

Studio Philo di Simona Spaggiari
Via Fiordibelli, 7
42121 Reggio Emilia — Italy


+39 0522 452093




The search and ideas focused on moodboards of inspiration, a tool that intersects analysis of fashion trends and marketing demands of the company, as well as the identity of the product.


We offer our customers, yarns, fabrics, materials and accessories that we constantly search with our best suppliers and fairs of the sector.


The chromatic aspects of our collections are a focal point for our firm. We dedicate many ideas to the emotional impact of colours.


Our strength is primarily the graphical representation of our ideas with realistic drawings and suggestions.


Each drawing is like a project which we translate into a technical sheet used to create a prototype of the garment.